Concept of the Year (2023)

Creative agency Yummy Colours invited me and Matthew Egan to participate in their 2023 Concept of the Year

Since 2019, YummyColours has asked open-ended questions about each coming year, generating compelling prompts that coalesce into a comprehensive theme. The outcome becomes the Concept of the Year, an idea that participants are welcome to interpret as they wish.

Inspired by the visual language of Polish Orthodox Icons, psychedelic art of the 60s/70s, and tarot decks, these cards mythologize the fragile little beings we were unwilling to protect because we were preoccupied with selfies and shopping.

True to the nihilistically self-obsessed disposition of our society, it's obvious that more and more of the natural world will continue to disappear (sorry, Future.) To make up for it, we created some organic deities for future peoples to turn to when they feel sad or whatever. Our little way of saying "our bad."

The images are collages using 35mm film photos that I shot in the Hudson Valley, in our yard and at local nature preserves.