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Cosmic Mgmt is a boutique artist managment company borne out of a 25 year desire to help artists.  The agency (formerly known as Stylist Squad) was seeking a re-brand with a new visual identity system to attract more artists and clients.  The agency is about creating, supporting, and advocating for a community of creatives so we wanted to choose a name that represents who we are and give a nod to the service we provide. “Cosmic Mgmt” is about our agency’s potential to impact the vast creative industry: a universe of artists, creators, muses, and makers.

Partnering with Creative Director Emily Kapsner, we wanted the website to be a simple backdrop for showcasing the artists’ work. With a color palette of almost-black, earthy brown and the occasional shock of bright yellow, there is room for the work to take center stage. We wanted the hand drawn logo to feel bold yet playful with a nod to the 70s.  The unique secondary marks add an element of the cosmos without making the brand lean too much into astrology cues.